Bound to Vengeance

Bound to Vengeance ★★★½

Tell me where they are.

The description of the film brought to mind the piece of garbage film I Spit on Your Grave, but I gave it a chance anyways because of a recommendation. While Grave spends almost half it's running time featuring the degrading torture of a female victim, THIS film actually skips all that and gets right to the escape and revenge part.

Not seeing our protagonist, Tina Ivlev, tortured for an hour takes away nothing from the film. If anything the revenge in the film is even more cathartic then anything in Grave because more thought was put into how the hell the character went through changed her... possibly for the worst.

As soon as we see Eve (Ivlev) chained by her ankle in a dank basement, we don't need any explanation of why she's there or what she probably went through and the film feels no need to show us. Instead it centers and what happens next as she takes her capture prisoner, the great Richard Tyson, and proceeds to force him to bring her to other women that are being held captive throughout the city.

There's natural tension that builds up as Eve doesn't know what to expect as she goes to each house and Ivlev is great in the role. She plays Eve as a character that is out for vengeance even if she's unsure of what she's doing next or what exactly she wants to do to get it.

Bottom line is that the film is about Eve going from victim to something else, what specifically is what she is struggling with and it comes down to her deciding how far she's willing to let her vengeance go. The original title of the film was Reversal, a title I think they should have kept.

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