Cold Fish ★★★★

If things go wrong, we'll just make them invisible.
-Aiko Murata

144 minutes of batshit crazy. The last film directed by Sion Sono that I saw was Why Don't You Play in Hell?, an ultra violent film about a Yakuza boss that decides to produce a film starring himself, his daughter and his gang in the middle of a mob war using real life gunfights and murder in the film. THAT is a kids movie compared to this.

This one stars Mitsuru Fukikoshi as Nobuyuki Syamoto, a tropical fish salesman who lives a sheepish existence at the mercy of his teenage daughter and young second wife. He seems to let his daughter run roughshod over everyone because of guilt over his late wife and let's his wife treat him like shit because of guilt over letting his daughter physically abuse her. It's not a very pleasant cycle.

If that misery wasn't enough, then enters Aiko Murata, a more successful tropical fish salesman played by Denden. He first comes off as simply aggressive, but soon his other characteristic emerge and we see him as crass, misogynistic, violent and brings the batshit crazy that I mentioned earlier.

The film already seems unhinged before the gruesome murders start. They are gory and over the top. Almost everything in the film is over the top in fact making this almost a black comedy and not simply a horror film. It's nihilistic nature will probably turn off most people as there is no one to root for except your own awe in what you're witnessing on screen.

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