Creep ★★★½

Oh my god... this is going to be a good day.

I'm not a big fan of found footage films because they are more often then not used as a cheap way to make a film with no regard to logic as opposed to an effective storytelling device. Creep falls into that small category of films that actually make it an integral part of the plot.

Here we get Aaron a videographer, played by the director Patrick Brice, who's hired by terminally ill Josef to record him for a day as he's putting together a video diary for his unborn child. Now THAT is a proper setup for a found footage film instead of just having some jackass teenager film everything for no apparent reason.

Even if you know exactly where the film is headed right away, it still has an ace in the hole with Mark Duplass as Josef. His performance is hilarious, creepy and just plain fantastic. The movie was written by both Brice and Duplass which explains how he's perfect in the role.

Brice also has a couple of nice small twists and storytelling transitions in the film that you could only do with a found footage film, which makes the film smarter then the majority of the sub-genre already. It is hardly a perfect film, but it is smart for the most part and has a wickedly dark sense of humor. If anything Duplass makes the entire experience worth it.

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