Day of the Dead ★★★★

Is this the results you've been talking about? Is this what your research is all about? Make them do tricks? Train them like dogs?
-Captain Rhodes

While George Romero has said it was his favorite of the Dead films, most fans feel quite differently. Day of the Dead, the bastard step-child of Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, grows on me more and more with each viewing. I'm now convinced it would be a masterpiece of sorts if it wasn't for some questionable acting sprinkled through out.

Surprisingly it isn't Joseph Pilato's larger then life portrayal of Captain Rhodes that bothers me. In fact I think he's one of the highlights of the film. When you sit back and think about it, he starts off as the sanest person there. An asshole yes, but his position on the situation at hand makes more sense then most of the other characters, but you're never even tempted to think that because of the way he acts. I admit whole hardheartedly that his scene chewing brings me joy.

While Richard Liberty's acting is questionable in some parts as Dr. Logan (aka Frankenstein), it is certainly passable. It's Ralph Marrero's overacting that irritates me to the core. The character of Rickles is so god damn annoying that each minute passing without him dying a horrible death is a sin against good taste.

Tom Savini and the SFX crew outdid themselves this time around. While they did submit Dawn of the Dead to the MPAA to try and get an R rating, with Day of the Dead it's clear that they knew they were going to release it unrated from the very beginning. 1985 was a busy year for American horror films and I think Day puts them all to shame in the gore department.

The rest of the film is damn brilliant and even darker in every aspect then it's predecessors. Everything from the social commentary, that is borderline depressing, to the nihilistic tone of the film. It's hardly the darkest ending Romero has given us to any of the Dead films as far as the characters fates, but here there is a foreboding sense of doom that is always present even in the film's most optimistic scenes.

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