Firestarter ★★★

If I do something bad, will you still love me?
-Charlie McGee

It's hard not to enjoy a film that features an 8 year old Drew Barrymore in pink bunny slippers looking up at Martin Sheen and telling him to go to hell. Sure she can start fires with her mind, but that is almost just as entertaining.

If that's not enough to peek your curiosity, you also have George C. Scott playing an Indian C.I.A. assassin. You know he's Native American because he has a ponytail and wears Native American contemporary clothing... oh and his last name is Rainbird.

It's a very campy adaptation of the Stephen King novel with a pretty good cast... and David Keith. He's sorta like the poor man's Kurt Russell. Even threw muddled motivations and a creepy as hell George C. Scott the film is still a bit of fun with it's high points probably being seeing little Barrymore blowing shit up with her mind.

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Horroctober IV: The Curse of Mr. DuLac