Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★★★

I've always had a thing for the whores that live in this house.
-Freddy Krueger

This had been in the pipeline since 1987, but for some reason the stars just never aligned. After 16 years the story seems hardly worth it, but in the tradition of films like Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, this campy showdown between the kings of 80s horror hit all the right notes for me. They found the perfect compromise in tone and story to finally bring Freddy and Jason together before it was too late.

Damian Shannon and Mark Swift do a surprisingly fun job of mashing the two continuities from these franchises together. The whole story of why Freddy Krueger is using Jason Voorhees is just a play on plot elements that were introduced in the Nightmare on Elm Street sequels and I personally I like it. There's several nods to both series, but admittedly there's a bit more of Elm Street mythos in the film then Friday the 13th. The reason behind that is more the fact that Freddy's back story was simply played with more in the sequels and there was also more added to the whole mythos as years went by, while Jason was just content in killing off as many campers as possible.

Possibly to make up for this, Jason gets to play around killing people a lot more then Freddy does and those kills are glorious. The Friday the 13th films were mostly made when the MPAA was a hell of a lot stricter and also had a hardon for giving them a hard time. Fast forward to 2003 and they're able to get away with a lot more here. It is extremely unfortunate however that Kane Hodder wasn't aloud to portray Jason one last time.

Thankfully they made no attempt at recasting Robert Englund as this ends up one of his best outings as Freddy Krueger. The writers were able to find what I think is the perfect compromise between the serious bastard Freddy from the orignal Nightmare on Elm Street and New Nightmare, and the "Funny Freddy" from all the sequels. He still has some one-liners but nothing remotely close to the cheesefest from some of the later sequels in the franchise. They also do a great job of reminding the audience that this bastard is a CHILD MURDERER while hinting again that he's perhaps more then that.

The cast are mostly goofballs headed by Monica Keena and Jason Ritter, but they're acting matches the tone of the film. I would also like to point out that the cast here is probably better then what you'd find in over half the Friday the 13th films. The cheese doesn't stop there however as the final confrontation is over the top, bloody and glorious. Call me crazy but I think this is actually a great sequel for both franchises and I'm thankful they were able to go out like this before the remakes started.

One last thing I want to point out, that I talked to my buddy about after watching this. Freddy vs. Jason out grossed every single film in both franchises and that includes their 2009/2010 remakes. Why the hell didn't they make a sequel to this? Is it too late to ignore the remakes and just come back to this? Meh, I can only dream.

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