GirlHouse ★★★

Maybe jerking off really does ruin your vision.

Deserves props for the simple fact that it took the idiotic plot of Halloween: Resurrection and made it work. It even made sense for the most part.

I thought this was going to be god awful and it surprised me completely. Don't get me wrong, there are god awful parts in the film, but also moments of horror goodness.

The film first got my attention at the beginning during a flashback scene when an out of nowhere gory scenario took place. Not only was I surprised, but the FX were damn good... good enough to make me feel uneasy about what was happening.

When you get right down to it, you get a serial killer loose in a camgirl house. Simple as that, but director Trevor Matthews takes the time to set everything up at least, even though the "Girl House" ends up being a little lame at times.

The acting is nothing to write home about, but I did like Slain as Loverboy (the killer). He pulls off the disturbed and emotionally stunted killer to a T and his look with the coveralls and one of those fetish latex female masks is a disturbing sight to see.

Sleazy, gory, a disturbing killer and it sorta makes the shitty idea of Halloween: Resurrection work for the most part.

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