Goon ★★★½

Gay Porn Hard! Gay Porn Hard!
-Halifax Highlanders (chanting)

It'll have to settle for second best hockey comedy after Slap Shot, but that's hardly a bad thing. It's more violent then Slap Shot, but it also has more heart. Surprisingly that's because of Seann William Scott's performance as good-natured Doug Glatt that the film is unusually lighthearted considering how vulgar and violent it is.

The movie takes place during a time where fights in hockey were not only tolerated more but were expected, especially in the minor leagues. It really doesn't make any kind of comment on it, but just uses it as part of the story. Which is fine. It's aiming for sports comedy and not highbrow drama.

Liev Schreiber is also great as the veteran enforcer that happens to be Doug's idol and I also liked Alison Pill as the quirky love interest. It is however the character of Doug that makes the entire thing work. A nice guy that likes pretty much everyone that's finally found something he was good at, it just happens to be beating the crap out of guys while wearing hockey skates.

Note: Should really be giving this film 5 stars for the simple fact that the city I was born in and the current city I'm living in are both mentioned in the film. Nuff said.

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