Hostel ★★★

I always wanted to be a surgeon. But the boards would not pass me. Can you guess why?
-Dutch Businessman

It's funny how you remember a movie and how it actually is are two very different things. I hadn't seen this film since 2006 and remembered it as a 90 minute assault on my senses filled with depravity. Rewatching this now I was surprised to find something very different.

First off I think it's safe to say that over half the movie has no gore or violence in it. I'm sure that sounds like it can't be right, but if I'm wrong I'm sure I'm not off the mark by no more then 5 minutes. Also considering that most people think this film coined the term "torture porn" it actually has much less torture scenes then I remember, but the few scenes it does have don't last as long as I remembered either. There's also quite a few disturbing scenes that I remembered seeing that actually happen off screen. In other words the movie plays with your mind a bit. The thing it does have is a sense of dread. Even though it doesn't even open with any hint of what's to come you feel as though our three main characters are on borrowed time. You soon realize that on their quest to satisfy their desires they will eventual meet people that have come to this part of the world for the exact same reasons, except their desires are of a very darker nature.

So here lies the problem. What kind of star rating do you give a film like this? If you don't enjoy gory grindhouse horror films then you shouldn't be showing any interest in this movie at all and as far as your concerned it should get a zero star rating like all of them. If you do enjoy movies that are full of gore and corpses then this one is actually better then the average of it's genre. It has decent acting, amazing gore effects and will have you squirming in your seat. So I give it a subjective 3 star rating.