Lockout ★★

You're a big girl, right? Here's an apple and a gun. Don't talk to strangers, shoot them.

My first instinct before watching this movie was that it's simply Escape From New York in outer-space. After watching it, I can't see how the filmmakers can say it's not. The film's premise isn't the only thing similar, the entire tone of the film including the hero (anti-hero) are similar as well. Having a similar hero though is the best thing about the film because Guy Pearce is playing him. Granted it's his most one dimensional character he's ever done, but he was good at it and I enjoyed his one liners through out the movie.

Guy Pearce really made me want to love this movie while Maggie Grace really made me want to hate it. Seems like she has one facial expression for everything which wouldn't be so bad if her character wasn't central to the plot. She also played Shannon on LOST, a character that I always thought just had a blank expression because she was a materialistic barbie doll, turns out it wasn't the character.

The action is well filmed, but there's nothing really memorable in it. The plot on the other hand has some truly stupefying moments in it. How the prison break occurs is ludicrous beyond belief. This "Super Maximum Security Prison" in outer-space has a section in it that has less security then my local pawn shop.

I think Guy Pearce makes an excellent action hero, but this isn't the movie that's going to make him an action star.

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