Lust for a Vampire ★★

I only want to serve you, please!
-Giles Barton

The second movie in the "Karnstein Trilogy" loosely based off of the Carmilla novella. I imagine that Hammer Films wanted a new vampire franchise as their Dracula films had pretty much run it's course and were now grasping at straws for sequels (Dracula A.D. 1972, The Satanic Rites of Dracula).

I watched the first film of the trilogy, The Vampire Lovers, last week. When I saw that the sequel of the lesbian vampire Gothic horror was set in a girl's finishing school it made perfect sense, until I watched it. It's very much unfocused which makes the male love interest plot worse for wear. In the original film Carmilla has no interest in men obviously... in this one she may, I'm not sure because the movie never makes clear what her intentions are, for him or anything else for that matter.

Screenwriter Tudor Gates returns for the sequel, but no one else. Carmilla is not only resurrected but also recast by Yutte Stensgaard who is made to look all the more uncharismatic whenever the underutilized Suzanna Leigh is on screen. Stensgaard looks like she's falling asleep next to Leigh's performance and screen presence.

The Man in Black returns too, but is named Count Karnstein here. Christopher Lee had turned down the role for The Vampire Lovers so I thought it was a bit ridiculous here to see Mike Raven made up to look like Lee with Valentine Dyall dubbing his voice to sound like Lee (to me anyways).

It's a lesser sequel to what was a fun exploitation flick.

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