Magnum Force ★★★★

Nothing wrong with shooting as long as the right people get shot!
-Harry Callahan

The last time I saw Dirty Harry was about two months ago (in a theater no less!) and ever since I've felt like I wasn't whole. How can one just stop at Dirty Harry? It's unnatural.

See I think Magnum Force is an incredibly underrated sequel. When you hear conversations about the best movie sequels of all time, it's never brought up but it should be. It does what most sequels don't dare to do. Instead of just giving you more of what the original one it flips the script on you and shows you the other side of things.

In Dirty Harry we saw Clint Eastwood bring to life Harry Callahan, the baddest cop to ever walk the streets of San Fransisco. The film tackled a hot topic at the time where people perceived that criminals' rights kept getting in the way of law enforcement and Harry wasn't going to take any of that bullshit. He had a moral code and bent the rules when the institution's laws didn't align with what he saw as right.

The villain of that first movie was an anti-establishment serial killer that kind dressed like a hippie. So some critics back then saw the sharp dressed Dirty Harry taking the law into his own hands against anti-authority characters and branded him a left-wing fascist. They didn't get it... but wait here's comes the sequel.

For the followup we go into a completely different direction. The bad guys here are cops that think their judge, jury and executioner. We get to see what Harry Callahan does when he finds cops that take things to far. The brilliant part about this entire film is that the character of Harry does not change ONE IOTA from the original film. He has the exact same moral code, and he still seems to enjoy shooting bad guys more then he should, BUT he only does so when they make him have to. He thinks the system is flawed, but he still abides by it. He'll bend some rules, maybe even break some, but according to Harry's code no one is above the law.

All that is what makes this film so great and the fact that Eastwood is one hell of a badass in this.

And yes... The Enforcer is coming up again soon.

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