Midsommar ★★★★½

Dude, she needs a therapist.

A24's marketing department really dropped the ball on this one. The potential behind coming out with the MidSommar Cook Book in correlation with the release of the film was completely wasted.

It was an interesting experience this one. People blew the "disturbing factor" of this film completely out of proportion so I was constantly expecting that there was some mind-melting scene just around the corner that would cause me some psychological trauma that would leave me emotionally scarred. That never really came. I saw it with Dan and JulieC, and afterwards sorta wondered if we just watch too many horror films and have become desensitized to certain things.

After letting it sink it a bit, I think it's just the fact that some of us don't find gory scenes all that disturbing because no matter how good it looks, it will always look fake and on the flip side I found Hereditary to be much more disturbing than MidSommar. That film was more disturbing because of it's subtext, what it suggested, how it ended, ect. So when the buzz surrounding MidSommar began on how disturbing it was it set my expectations to unattainable levels. Not being disturbed enough by it has no effect on how good I think this movie is though because it's a fucking great movie.

I was familiar with Florence Pugh through a couple of movies, but nothing that even hinted at what kind of performance she could give because I thought she was outstanding here. As Dani her character arc is what makes the movie work. Some probably will call this a slow burn, which I've started leaning towards trying not to use that anymore because I find too many people use that to describe artsy-fartsy films that are 90% boring with an exciting payoff. MidSommar lacks action for most of it's run time, but at no time does this film feel boring even at almost 2.5 hours. Dani's journey of trying to cope with tragedy with an immature douchebag boyfriend as her only support structure had me hooked. Every step they took that got them closer to the commune had me on the edge of my seat. Every time they learned something new about the festival was fascinating.

Really looking forward to watching this one again.

Degrees of Separation from Last Movie:
-Midsommar with Florence Pugh
-Was in The Commuter with Liam Neeson
-Was in Darkman with Ted Raimi
-Was in Blood Rage

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