Mission: Impossible ★★★★

"Relax Luther, it's much worse than you think."
-Ethan Hunt

I remember when I first watched this in 1996 I was really disappointed. I was expecting a big action movie and got a complicated plot instead. Over 15 years later I end up quite enjoying this well crafted spy thriller.

First of all, unless you have ADD and can't pay attention to anything for more then 10 minutes this movie isn't all that complicated. Sure it doesn't hold your hand through all the different plot points, but if you're watching it and not surfing Facebook at the same time you should be able to figure out things for yourself and follow along. I actually quite enjoyed the fact that some plot twists were easily explained by connecting the dots on your own instead of having a character explain everything to you in a tedious monologue.

I've become so used to watching dumbed down movies in the last few years that this was quite refreshing actually. I might go as far as to say that this ranks up with some of Brian De Palma's best films.

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