Play Misty for Me ★★★★

Al you ever find yourself getting completely smothered by someone?
-Dave Garver

All these years I falsely assumed that Clint Eastwood's directorial debut was a western, High Plains Drifter to be precise. I was off by two years and got the genre completely wrong. Even though I think High Plains Drifter is the better film, I'm actually more impressed that this was his first time in the director's chair instead.

Not only did Eastwood not go with a western for his first feature, a genre he knew in and out at this point, he didn't even go with his old standby the war film. He decided to direct and star in something he had never even done before, a psychological thriller. He takes it a step further by playing a victim in the film to a female antagonist. Sure it sounds familiar, but it has a good 15 years on Fatal Attraction and 20 years on Basic Instinct.

Clint Eastwood proves he can direct himself by keeping his character from becoming an ego trip and actually playing him with subtle psychological weaknesses. Jessica Walter on the other hand plays nothing subtle and will either make the film or break it for you. Personally I love her batshit crazy take on Evelyn. Thankfully Eastwood would grow out of using romantic musical montages though.

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