Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan ★★★

He didn't just move his puppets, he gave them life, he gave them a soul.
-Rick Baker

A love letter to the innovator of Dynomation, Ray Harryhausen. He really was a Special Effects Titan but as evidenced by his films, the people he worked with and the film makers he continues to inspire today he was so much more. It's a great career introspective that doesn't aspire to be much more then that, but is still very entertaining.

If his work didn't already speak volumes on his character, Harryhausen manages to be humble, charming and entertaining as he reminisces on his legendary career. The other talking heads feature the biggest names in genre film making from Steven Spielberg to Peter Jackson as they all can't express enough gratitude to the influence of Harryhausen's films on each of their careers.

The true highlight of the film is probably the clips from almost every major film he made and test footage from some of his most famous creations. It certainly isn't the most ambitious documentary I've ever seen, it was still a great watch.

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