Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1983 ★★★★½

To the North... where we do what we bloody want!
-Bill Molloy

I would highly recommend anyone that is planning on watching these films to try and do it in one day or with as little time as possible between each one. The total running time of the trilogy is just over 5 hours so it's not that bad for 3 films.

Have to say that after seeing Mark Addy as one of the leads in this final installment that he is an underrated actor. He does a great job here as John Piggott, a lawyer that has very little motivation to do anything with his life, much less take on a complicated appeal. He only does so when he slowly realizes that no one is interested in helping the innocent in any way shape or form and the life of a little girl might hang in the balance. The entire cast is fantastic, but it was just a nice surprise to see Addy given the opportunity to showcase his acting talents that he's not usually able to on other films.

I'm extremely happy that I was able to watch these in two nights as it made it easier to make all the connections between the three films and recognize all the subplots going on. Be warned these films are extremely dense and don't usually double back to explain plot points you might have missed. After watching the final film though, I can say that this is one of the most satisfying crime dramas I have ever watched.

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