Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★½

Help me.

Paul W.S. Anderson wrote all six Resident Evil films and while you could say that he played fast and loose with continuity, for the sixth film it's as if he's declared all out war on continuity not only between films but within this final installment itself.

There is so much ridiculousness to make fun of and crap on here that it's just too easy and makes it not very much fun. The best though is it's ridiculous conclusion that involves a computer that is able to determine the exact downfall of the last resistance by humans on Earth down to the millisecond which is topped in stupidity by a solution that couldn't possibly solve it... it doesn't make sense within what the film is telling you is happening! Anyways... it's goofy fun.

Would love to see Milla Jovovich star in an action film that was directed by an actual competent action director. If I like her in this dreck I can't imagine seeing her in something that would be directed by the likes of Chad Stahelski for example.

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