Room 237 ★★★

...except the only capital letters on the key are R-O-O-M and then the N from the acronym "No" and there's only two words that you can come up with that have those letters in them and that's "moon" and "room", and so on the key, the tag it says "Moon Room"...
-Jay Weidner

Mr. Weidner, spelling either "moon" or "room" using those letters will always leave one letter out. Using them to spell the word "moron" however uses all five. Jay Weidner would have you believe that The Shinning is actually Stanley Kubrick's visual confession to faking the Apollo 11 moon landing with 2001: A Space Odyssey being a test run for the event. That is but one of the Shining theories explored in Room 237.

Five "Shining Theorists" share their views on what the film really means. A lot of it is very interesting while, in my humble opinion, most of it being complete bullshit. They point out a lot of things that I had never noticed before, but the conclusions they draw from them are off the wall. Apparently a disappearing chair in one scene was Stanley Kubrick making a criticism on modern horror films.

Needless to say these people are an obsessed lot, and their ramblings are entertaining and some of them might even bring up a valid point or two. Like listening to any crackpot for too long however, the shtick tends to grow old after while. It certainly doesn't help that one of the "theorists", John Fell Ryan, sounds like a complete stoner that couldn't afford to pay someone to babysit his kid to stop him from constantly interrupting him while he's being interviewed for this documentary. In his defense however, he does admit to being unemployed towards the end of the film.

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