Scarlet Street ★★★★½

If he were mean or vicious or if he'd bawl me out or something, I'd like him better.
-Kitty March

Fantastic film-noir by Fritz Lang. It has the same three leads from his prior film, The Woman in the Window, which I really liked but was disappointed with the ending. This time around I was completely satisfied from beginning to end.

What I love so much about this movie is the character Edward G. Robinson plays, Christopher Cross. He's a pathetic man that gets taken advantage of by a ruthless couple, Kitty and Johnny. What the couple doesn't know however is how close to the edge this sheepish unassuming man is. As the viewer you see the whole picture and are able to see the signs of things to come while Kitty only sees him in one light because he's so infatuated with her.

Kitty and Johnny are also great characters too. Kitty, played by Joan Bennett, is the quintessential film-noir femme fatale while Johnny (Dan Duryea) is the perfect grinning bastard that will screw you over just because he can. No scene is boring when either one of them is in it.

I just think everything else about this film is great. The story, dialogue, directing, the deeply flawed characters, the entire style of the movie ... I just really loved all of it.

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