Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

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We all have baggage.
-Ramona V. Flowers

I find it sad that this film bombed so badly at the box office back in 2010, but I'm happy to the point of almost being giddy that it exists. Simply calling it a comic book adaptation prepares no-one for what they are getting into and I find it almost impossible to predict if someone will like it or not. Some people hate it, some people love it. It's cult following is sometimes loud which of course causes some to loathe the film for that fact alone.

To me it falls into that indescribable category of films with the likes of The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension and Flash Gordon. Films that defy logic or even an explanation for the Universe they exist in. Films that are destined not to be classic, but cult. Damn entertaining cult mind you.

I more then understand the Michael Cera fatigue some seem to have, I just don't have it is all. It's not that I'm a big fan, or that I would even call myself a fan, I'm simply indifferent when it comes to the actor. I find his schtick works in some films while missing the mark in others. Here as Scott Piglrim I find it works superbly. His play off his co-stars and supporting cast is just excellent, but that is probably because the cast of this film is phenomenal as far as I'm concerned.

I really like everyone in this film but I'll try to restrain myself to the ones that standout. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is just great as Romona, the perfect contrast to Cera. Ellen Wong might steal some of her thunder though as I find her hilarious as the 17 year old Knives Chau. Honestly there isn't a single boring moment when she's on screen and her reactions to everything is just terrific. Kieran Culkin steals every scene he's in. I adore Alison Pill and loved her here as the constantly pissed off Sex Bob-Omb drummer. Not that he stands out that much amongst the rest of the cast, but Brandon Routh almost makes up for Superman Returns here.

That brings me to Edgar Wright and the reminder that he is no longer directing Ant-Man. Not that I wanted that film to be like Scott Pilgrim, but it just shows Wright being perfectly comfortable directing something outside the Cornetto Trilogy with neither a Simon Pegg or Nick Frost in sight. Sure the film makes it seem like slackers who have wasted their lives playing video games can somehow use their Street Fighter skills in the real world to beat the crap out of people and offers no explanation on how this is possible but that's what makes it so fucking glorious.

Really though the film is hardly that shallow and actually offers some real world insight on young adult relationships under the manufactured aesthetic of the world the characters live in. Also the dialogue is fast paced and witty as hell. The references used are incredibly precise to the last few generations, but I find the style of give and take with rapid fire delivery was very old school and reminiscent of a 1940s movie with a Gen Xer's perspective. Yes, I just compared Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to 1940s cinema. I think I should probably stop there before I dig myself in any deeper.

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