Spring ★★★★

White people love Italy?

I went into Spring with a bit of trepidation. First off the only experience I had with writer/directors Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson was their Bonestorm segment from V/H/S: Viral which had the distinction of being the most annoying short in a batch of bad ones.

You combine that experience with the description of Spring being a "supernatural horror romance science-fiction film" and I'll be completely honest, I expected a train wreck. It started out rocky though as I did become annoyed with the character of Evan early on, but he soon won me over along with the rest of the film.

What makes it work despite having all those descriptors is that it's first and foremost a romantic story that uses the supernatural, horror and sci-fi elements to tell it in a modest way without sacrificing what the film wants to be about. It's horror is earned, but it's not the focus of the film.

Evan, who at first annoyed me, is played by Lou Taylor Pucci and was able to quickly win me over after he meets up with Louise played by Nadia Hilker. The great chemistry between these two made the film work that much more as "boy falls for girl with dark secret" is hardly anything new, but here it feels incredibly fresh.

Also loved a tragic "side love story" that is told in a bit of an ambiguous way which means a lot to the overall plot. A really great, special little film.

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