St. Vincent

St. Vincent ★★★½

He don't like people. People don't like him. Except you, why you like him?

It's a big old bag of cliché ridden fluff. Cliché ridden fluff starring Bill Murray however.

Theodore Melfi makes his feature film directorial debut here from his own script, which is sentimental schmaltz from beginning to end while the film also manages to drop a plot thread or two when convenient. To be fair though if the disappearing plot thread takes Terrence Howard along with it I don't count it as a bad thing.

The predictability of the film is counter balanced by it's cast. How can you not be entertained by watching Bill Murray give life lessons to a 12 year old kid? Thankfully that 12 year old is played by Jaeden Lieberher who ends up having great chemistry with Murray.

Apparently Melissa McCarthy has to do small indie comedies to play normal roles where she can remind us she actually does have comedic timing and is great in small awkward moments as apposed to all those nutty loud ones she's now typecast in. She's also not the star of the film so you don't have to put up with her that much.

I love Naomi Watts. She's one of the greatest actresses working today. Here she plays a Russian stripper/prostitute who is off work because she's pregnant. Off from stripping, not prostituting. Somehow Watts seems to be channeling Lisa Kudrow in her performance despite her heavy Russian accent. Does that sound horrible? Of course it does. But unlike other Oscar Nominated Actresses (some winners too), she is still entertaining even when she's slumming it.

Sure it's mindless... but again... it's with Bill Murray.

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