Return of the Jedi ★★★½

It's a trap!
-Admiral Ackbar

Return of the Jedi is a great movie, but it completely derails the great character momentum that was created in Empire Strikes Back. Of all the character arcs started in Episode V, only one of them is continued here.

Leia and Han's arcs not only come to a screeching halt here, but their characters feel neutered compared to the first two films. The two most cynical characters in the Star Wars universe are suddenly turned into goofballs that seem to be just happy to go on a new adventure. Needless to say it doesn't feel like the logical next step to where these characters where headed after the ending of Empire Strikes Back.

While watching Jedi I can't help but think that the original story ideas were thrown out in favor of safer ones. With that said you can't waste your time dwelling on what could have been. What we do get is still a great Star Wars film even if it feels a bit watered down from the previous. The most important character arc comes to a conclusion and that's all that counts.

With all the problems this movie has, it's still full of truly great and memorable moments.

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