The Bees ★½

We're trying to decipher the language pattern of the bees.
-John Norman

Bees were topical in the 70s, see The Swarm, Invasion of the Bee Girls, Killer Bees, Terror Out of the Sky, The Savage Bees and this gem. They almost went extinct because people stopped giving a shit about them after so many shitty horror movies.

It's a bee movie but they still manage to throw John Saxon in a karate fight because Enter the Dragon is still fresh in people's minds. Have the gorgeous Angel Tompkins as a love interest, make John Carradine talk in a goofy Germain accent and insert some crash test stock footage of planes and helicopters and you got yourself a killer bee movie. Only way to make it better is to end it on a climactic speech as all memorable horror films tend to do.

Part of:
Horroctober VIII: The Night Mrs. DuLac Came Out of the Grave