The Enforcer ★★★

She wants to play lumberjack, she's going to have to learn to handle her end of the log.
-Harry Callahan

Harry Callahan is back tackling another set of issues. The two first films tackled criminal rights, police violence, corrupted and broken judicial systems. The unique thing is that we always get Harry's perspective on it and it's never a black and white matter for him, but usually lies in some grey area.

This go around we get to see how Harry handles affirmative action up close while dealing with a group obviously inspired by the Symbionese Liberation Army, the group that kidnapped and "brainwashed" Patty Hearst. The 70s were fucking crazy.

Considering this is a Dirty Harry film, about the manliest cop to ever wear a badge, it surprisingly handles the argument of affirmative action in a balanced way. It comes to a head when Clint Eastwood's new partner is played by the great Tyne Daly. She's promoted despite having less then the usually needed experience, and Harry argues that this could get a partner killed. The film then explores having a woman in such a position because of AF and the results are not exactly predictable or one sided.

While Daly becomes Harry's most interesting partner to date, the "People's Revolutionary Strike Force" doesn't measure up as bad guys when compared to what we got in Dirty Harry and Magnum Force. Still though you get to see Eastwood blow some people away with .44 Magnum while Daly holds her own.

It's also the first time Eastwood says "fuck" on film.

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