The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

My father taught me many things here - he taught me in this room. He taught me: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
-Michael Corleone

I don’t care how many times I watch this movie, over how many decades I’m still in awe of it. You’re not supposed to be able to catch lightening in a bottle twice, but they did. They took what is masterpiece, made a sequel to it and not only did it turn out to be a masterpiece in it’s own right but some would argue it’s even a better film.

Showing the rise of Vito Corleone parallel with Michael trying to turn the family business legitimate is still fascinating to this day. Both characters think they are doing it for their family, but they end up in polar opposite situations. Because of this it makes the real ending of the story, Michael’s ending, monumentally more tragic because you’ve just witnessed what Vito went through for his family and what he wanted for them.

During this re-watch, while thinking of the herculean task that Robert De Niro had in taking on the role of young Vito Corleone, it dawned on me that someone, somewhere probably tried explaining the significance of this to a friend and used the comparison of Heath Ledger taking on the role of The Joker after Jack Nicholson and it made me feel a little sad and dead inside.

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