The House of the Devil ★★★½

If this film hadn't had any actors I recognized in it you could have fooled me that it was made in the early 80s quite easily. The story doesn't just take place in the early 80s, but it's painstakingly made to look like it was filmed in the early 80s as well. Main stream audiences probably won't enjoy it much, horror aficionados will love it.

After watching The Innkeepers and now this, I'd have to say that Ti West has a good eye for choosing his leading ladies. It was Sara Paxton that made The Innkeepers work for me and here it's Jocelin Donahue. When a film is a slow burn like this it puts all the pressure on your cast and central character. A great deal of the film is totally dependent on Donahue's performance and she manages to pull it off quite nicely.

A great little surprise of a retro 80s horror film.

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