The Thing

The Thing ★★★★★

You gotta be fuckin' kidding.

The aftermath of another snow storm, another logical film choice to go with it. A few random thoughts…

The Thing is so good even the font of the opening credits gives me chills. It’s the Albertus font, used in eight of John Carpenter’s films. So recognisable that you can’t help but feel a bit disappointed when you watch one of his films that doesn’t have it.

While watching this I bet everyone of a certain age wonders if Wilford Brimley had quaker oats that morning. Not mentioning the D word. It’s overdone.

Childs (Keith David) thinks the existence of aliens is voodoo bullshit. It’s an interesting position to take on the matter.

David Clennon always reminds me of Bruce Dern in this.

I always thought Windows (Thomas G. Waites) was a nickname. It only occurred to me now that it’s probably his last name. What kind of nickname would that be anyways?

What if MacReady (Kurt Russell) is a “thing” the entire film but he’s just so drunk the entire time he thinks he’s human?

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