The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★½

The name of the game, move the money from your client’s pocket into your pocket.
-Mark Hanna

Hello. My name is DuLac and I'm a Martin Scorsese fanboy. This film has been called everything from "Scorsese's return to form", to the director going overboard in an exercise of being shallow and exploitative. I just see a Martin Scorsese Film. Anyone who's had the same favorite director for an extended period of time should know exactly what I mean by that. Also the fanboy statement at the beginning might also suggest I'm full of shit. Either/Or.

Like most Scorsese movies regarding questionable people, satirical or not, it makes no attempt to preach to it's audience about wrongs or rights. It lets the actions of it's characters speak for themselves. The director trusts his audience to be smart enough to figure out what's right and wrong without blatantly pointing it out to them and he should... it's not as if it's not obvious. With that said, from his earliest films to his latest one, some of them are liked for the wrong reasons as a vast majority of people often miss the point entirely. The irony of my current avatar, Travis Bickle, being the perfect example. Some people see him as a hero or anti-hero making you question if these people were actually paying attention when they watched Taxi Driver or understood anything that was going on in the film. I think the character of Jordan Belfort will likely end up being liked for the wrong reasons as well.

The man-child that is Jordan Belfort is akin to the Hollywood wannabe starlets that arrive on the bus every day with their naive ideas on how "the business" works. Seriously. You just replace Hollywood with Wall Street and dreams of being a movie star with dreams of being a successful stock broker and it's exactly the same thing. The dream is a lie in both scenarios as you soon realize that real dream is much more basic and simple as Belfort's career goals change at the drop of a hat when he meets his first successful broker, a memorable but small outing by Matthew McConaughey.

If that wasn't enough Jordan Belfort is also an addict. Of what? Well... everything. You could just say the lifestyle, but it's more then that. If he has talent, it's being a salesman and he gets a high off of fucking people over but it doesn't stop there. He gets a high off of making money, having money, how he's treated because of money, how his employees treat him for making them money. There's also the more traditional view as well of his addictive personality with the cocaine, ludes and alcohol. The artificial world that ridiculous amounts of money can create will corrupt, but when you're a man like Belfort, with the morals of a slug, things can get out of hand.

Why the hell would I suggest that anyone would like this asshole for any reason much less the wrong ones? Well, because of Leonardo DiCaprio. Yes he's playing a morally corrupt asshole, but his performance has a balls out swagger like nothing I've seen in a damn long time. He plays a character that is in love with debauchery on a level unimaginable to a normal person and not only do I buy it, but I enjoy it and might feel a little guilty about it.

The rest of the cast is damn fantastic from top to bottom. Jonah Hill is possibly the weirdest ass character to ever inhabit a Scorsese picture. Rob Reiner is a surprise and damn memorable here. The scene when he confronts the boys about expenses is god damn hilarious. Margot Robbie... well... god damn. There's many more small and big roles in the film, with not a single miscast in the bunch. All fantastic, but this is DiCaprio's show all the way. From his mental breakdowns to him motivating the troops, I was behind this asshole for 3 hours.

Of course that's just my opinion, and as evidenced by the multiple walkouts during my screening I'm going to take a wild guess in saying that not everyone will agree with it. For me though... the best fucking 3 hours spent in a cinema in 2013.

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