Things to Come ★★★★½

If we don't end war, war will end us.
-John Cabal

A flawed masterpiece directed by William Cameron Menzies from an H.G. Wells screenplay which in turn is a loose adaptation of his own novel The Shape of Things to Come. It's said that Wells had unprecedented control over the production of the film. Whether or not that was beneficial to how it was made I'm not sure.

The movie clearly has some wooden performances accompanied by a few instances of pompous diatribes but all that is overshadowed by the scope of the story and it's incredible visuals. We follow the fictitious future history of the world from the years 1940 to 2036 which includes some truly inspired visual montage transitions for when some forwarding in time is required.

In the grand scheme of things the individual performances are just there to provide us information that service the epic story being told. In that it's truly a landmark and visionary film with amazing visuals that are ahead of it's time.

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