Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie ★★★

The show Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! takes anti-humor and nonsensical skits farther then they were ever meant to go. Is that good or bad? It depends who you ask I guess.

If you've never heard the term "anti-humor" before, trust me it's well deserved in this case. It takes absurdity to an entirely new level. I'm guessing the majority of normal people's reaction to the show is more like "What is this $%&# on TV?". I have to admit that I am of the other variety and can actually enjoy an episode every now and again. I'm fully aware that finding this stuff funny means I'm a bit abnormal.

Now with that said, I can say the movie delivers on their brand of comedy and then some. The film starts with a surprise cameo, and has several name comedians popping in for a bit, most of which won't be huge surprises to fans of the show. So while it does deliver on what you should expect, I don't think this type of humor is supposed to be taken 93 minutes at a time. Before trying out the film, I'd test myself with an 11 min episode of the show, you might thank me for that warning.

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