Timecrimes ★★★½

Time flies here.

Surprisingly great low budget time travel movie. Different time travel movies follow different rules. The rules of this one is what makes it highly entertaining. There's only two main rules, you can only travel backwards in time and the second rule is that if you want your life back you have to make damn sure that past events happen exactly like they are supposed to. That second rule isn't exactly how it goes, but if I explain further it would spoil a few things.

Karra Elejalde gives a great performance as Hector, the man trapped in this time paradox. It's really a great situation to have a character in because once he finds himself in the past and he's told what needs to be done to ensure his life continues what else can he do? There's no room to test out and see if the information you're given is false, no instead you make damn sure you follow what rules you're given because you've become fond of living.

Let's hope the Hollywood remake doesn't sacrifice intelligence just because it'll have a bigger budget because this story told on a bigger scale could be amazing.

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