Tokyo Tribe

Tokyo Tribe ★★★★

Cop these slammin' beats, from the ass-end of hell.
-MC Granny

Having expectations going into a Sion Sono film is about as pointless as trying to predict what John Travolta's next public socially awkward moment is going to be, the possibilities are just endlessly weird. Here I had the disadvantage of not knowing this was going to be a musical... a hip-hop musical no less!

I don't know how, but Sono has managed to make a film that is possibly the most insane work he's done yet and this is the man responsible for films like Suicide Club and Why Don’t You Play in Hell?. Now I'm not into rap or hip-hop on any level, but this insanity that Sono calls a film ended up being one of the most entertaining movies I've seen this year.

It's like a crazier, louder, bigger, insane version of The Warriors with a constant hip-hop bassline because characters can, and WILL, break out in rap whenever they have to communicate anything of importance. Actually it doesn't have to be all that important for the rhymes to break out.

It's gang warfare, but unlike anything you've ever seen. Several tribes rule Tokyo and when war breaks out it involves tanks, samurai swords, cellphone guns, insane violence and nods to everything from Scarface to Bruce Lee.

It's based on a Manga, but it's hard to believe this film would be as insane if anyone else had directed.

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