Tourist Trap ★★★½

One thing this movie does is frustrate your expectations.
-Joe Bob Briggs

Shudder's interest in reviving MonsterVision resulted in a 26 hour horror movie marathon called The Last Drive-In 17 years after the cancellation of MonsterVision. Although the name is different, Joe Bob Briggs returned to host and Tourist Trap was the first film featured. Funny now looking at it as he opens up talking about how that he's back for "one last time". (two more marathons followed and he's currently hosting double features on Friday nights for 9 weeks)

Needless to say it wasn't his last time. It proved a hell of a lot more popular than anyone was expecting, including Joe Bob and Shudder as the overwhelming people that logged onto watch the live stream brought the servers down for a bit. I think the great thing about this is that hosting horror films is a lost art, but here it's even better. You still get the breaks with Joe Bob, but no actual commercials and all the movies aren't edited for cable television.

Funny enough though Joe Bob says at the beginning of this if you find the breaks with him annoying through the movie, he knows he would find it annoying, you can watch the uninterrupted films on Shudder instead (at the time anyways). No ego on this guy. Some people ask why you would watch a film with interruptions like this, well first it's a nostalgia thing back to the horror movie hosts of old, but also it feels like you're watching the movie with an incredibly well informed horror fan. Joe Bob is incredibly entertaining as well while he drops knowledge on you.

Degrees of Separation from Last Movie:
-Tourist Trap with Chuck Connors
-Was in Soylent Green with Charlton Heston
-Was in Solar Crisis with Tetsuya Bessho
-Was in Godzilla vs. Mothra

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