Trumbo ★★★

I make crap films. You are way too good and too expensive to write for me.
-Frank King

I'm a sucker for 1940s cinema so I got easily caught up in the moment when seeing old clips of the likes of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall also suddenly had a big goofy grin when I realized that Michael Stuhlbarg was playing Edward G. Robinson. The problem is after everything was said and done I realized that those were the most memorable things about the film.

I love Bryan Cranston and he's great as Dalton Trumbo and probably the best thing about the entire movie, but really that's all it has going for it. His story is an incredibly compelling one, but the way it's told in in this film does it no favors.

The directing is incredibly dull giving the production value a made-for-TV feel while the writing is surprisingly mediocre while filled with cliches. At one point there's a character that smokes who suddenly starts coughing, I looked over at Ms. DuLac and snidely said "Well he obviously has cancer." when suddenly my joke wasn't funny anymore because the film then confirmed almost instantly that in fact yes... the writing is in fact that bad.

Like I said though, Trumbo's story is still compelling and despite it being sugar coated to the nines I was still entertained with Cranston being the clear standout of the film... but hardly a best performance contender.

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