Upgrade ★★★★

See, you thought I was a cripple but you didn't know that I'm a ninja.
-Grey Trace

I completely understand the comparisons to Venom, hell even beyond the premise Logan Marshall-Green kinda looks like Tom Hardy in this. Never thought there was a resemblance before this film. Here's the thing though. Venom doesn't have shit on Upgrade.

I remember seeing the trailer for this a while back and just thinking that it could be a fun cheap action movie, but chances are it'll just be cheap. I don't remember the trailer hinting at how insanely fun and cool this movie could be.

Just proving how little attention I paid this film before finally watching it, I had no idea it was directed by Leigh Whannell until his name popped up during the opening credits. He's one of the architects that created the Saw franchise with James Wan. He was also the guy locked in that disgusting bathroom with Cary Elwes in the first film. He made his directing debut with Insidious: Chapter 3 three years ago... and it was fucking garbage.

So honestly if I had realized he had written and directed Upgrade before starting the film I would have probably not even given it a chance because that's how much I hated Insidious: Chapter 3. This movie has completely changed my opinion on Whannell now. I had no idea he had this in him. He concocted some sort of sci-fi/action/horror hybrid that delivers on all levels. It has action, suspense, comedy, gore and style. Loved the little gimmick he pulled off where some action scenes the camera tracked Grey (Marshall-Green) keeping him centered in the frame no matter how he moved.

I don't know if I just got caught up in the film, but I actually did not predict where that finale was headed and loved that ending. I'm now actually looking forward to seeing what Leigh Whannell will direct next.

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