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-Gabe Wilson

Literally saved the horror genre. LITERALLY.

That statement is true. As long as you don't actually know what "literally" or "saved" means. This isn't a rant against the people claiming this though. We're horror fans and we know how ridiculous that statement is, but you know what guys? Just let it be. If people who don't usually watch horror are flipping out like this over a new horror movie, that is cause to celebrate. I mean if horror really needed saving every time someone said a new film "saved horror" then the genre is apparently in constant peril. At this point it's funny to me.

What I don't like though when this sort of thing happens, when mainstream audiences like a genre film a bit "too much", is that the hardcore fans backlash on it a bit. "Well it isn't that good... actually it kinda sucks. People who don't watch horror movies love it obviously" Don't fall into that trap! This is a great damn film and don't let yourself get annoyed with a film because of annoying fans. Remember, Jordan Peele isn't the one who claims to have saved horror, it ain't his fault. Actually in most of the promo interviews I've seen him in he tends to talk about classic horror movies almost as much as his movie, the one he's supposed to be promoting.

What I do find fascinating though is that Peele's films have struck a cord with mainstream audiences. I think both Get Out and Us are fantastic horror films, but original horror films (no sequels, remakes, reboots, ect) don't usually get this kind of mainstream response regardless of how good they are. Is it as simple as the fact of finally getting a black perspective and protagonist in something of quality? Is it the social commentary that is striking a cord with audiences? None of those things are firsts for horror films though, but all of it combined with the social climate we're currently in might be it. Horror, unlike any other genre of film, is usually a reflection of the times. I think Peele has tapped into that, but not in a calculated way, the same way most iconic horror directors did.

I'm not saying he's an iconic horror director (yet), but he wears his influences on his sleeve and his influences are iconic. The result of that so far are two fucking great horror films. Us, even more than Get Out, has a 70s horror vibe that I find hard to describe. It's very much a modern film, but it's sensibilities are classic.

Enough gushing over Jordan Peele, before I hit save on this I gotta say that Lupita Nyong’o was phenomenal. Loved her so much in this. The dual roles are amazing. I'm gonna watch this again so I'll save the rest for then.

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