V/H/S: Viral ★½

Hold onto your tickets. It's going to be a big finale.
-Dante the Great

I haven't been the biggest fan of the V/H/S films. I could hardly find anything to like about the first one while part two was worth watching for Safe Heaven (by Gareth Evans and Timo Tjahjanto) and A Ride in the Park (by the Blair Witch Guys: Eduardo Sánchez and Gregg Hale), two tales that use the found footage gimmick in a clever way. Nothing clever going on in this one.

First off you have Dante the Great, a short that doesn't even want to be a found footage film. Directed by Gregg Bishop, the man behind Dance of the Dead, the short plays off like an Outer Limits episode with no grasp around the "found footage" concept when they clearly forget to keep into perspective who is filming the events we are watching. When the camera suddenly changes angles during an action sequence or goes to a close up for dramatic effect you still have to account that SOMEONE in your story is supposed to be filming this.

The one that held the most promise for me was Parallel Monsters from Nacho Vigalondo. His previous film, Timecrimes, was a well thought out and clever take on time travel films so I was looking forward to what he'd do within the genre of found footage. While his short was certainly the most creative and crazy, it was an idea that existed outside of "found footage" and not an idea FOR found footage. In other words the story being video taped had no barring on anything, but it was still a fun watch crazy watch.

I haven't seen Resolution yet, directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, but I've noticed it getting a lot of positive reviews on Letterboxd. With that said their short Bonestorm is the most annoying thing on this anthology. One or both of them must be skaters because no one in their right minds would portray skaters as one dimensional "bad asses" like this. It's nauseating and feels like it goes on forever.

The sort-of-wraparound-story Vicious Circles directed by Marcel Sarmiento was almost pointless. As soon as the boyfriend was still preoccupied with filming after his girlfriend was kidnapped just pissed me off, especially when he started carrying his GoPro mounted helmet in his hands so he could keep filming.

So... yeah didn't really dig it.

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