Vampire in Brooklyn

Evil is good and ass is good, and if you find you a piece of evil ass, WOO!

Some movies stand the test of time and end up being just as good 20 years later as the first time you saw them. Wes Craven presents Tyler Perry's Blacula.

I cringe at the thought of the kindly soft-spoken Wes Craven attempting to direct 1990s Eddie Murphy into something resembling acting. I mention the 90s because Murphy was still high on himself at the time as evidenced by him turning the film into an overlong SNL skit.

Kadeem Hardison, Allen Payne and John Witherspoon all belong in this movie, but Angela Bassett must have done something seriously fucked up in her life to have karma this bad. Her talent makes her stick out like a sore thumb.

Murphy says though that the reason people didn't like the movie is because of the bad wig he was forced to wear. That guy cracks me up.

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