Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

Dave, you just worry about putting your arsehole back in your arsehole, and leave this to me.

Not what I was expecting from a Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham reunion. Especially after The Gentlemen last year, it kind of made me expect Ritchie to keep reverting back to his tried-and-true formula of his earlier films. The stylized crime films you associate with his name, with great soundtracks, bigger than life characters, hilarious moments and violence sprinkled throughout. This ain’t that.

This is Statham and Ritchie at their meanest in a nihilistic tale of revenge. There’re no goofy characters here or catchy soundtracks. There’s no music video style editing. There’s no concern with coolness. There’s just dread. You get a feeling from the beginning that no one is destined for a happy ending here and anyone who doesn’t end up dead will be lucky.

I don’t know if I would have figured out the director was Ritchie without the credits. It doesn’t feel like one of his films. Instead of stylized fast editing, you get nice long takes that let scenes develop and build tension. Instead of a catchy soundtrack you have a Christopher Benstead score that feels almost nihilistic.

Point is, for better or worse,  it doesn’t feel like a Guy Ritchie movie.

Final note; I loved seeing Jeffrey Donovan in a high profile movie. It doesn’t happen often enough.

Degrees of Separation from Last Movie or Mini-Series:
-Wrath of Man with Holt McCallany
-Was in Gangster Squad with Emma Stone
-Was in Cruella

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