Yakuza Apocalypse

Yakuza Apocalypse ★★★★

I am Yakuza!

Love him or hate him, you know when you see a Takashi Miike film you won't soon forget it. Although his more bizarre films get all the attention he's proven to be a master film maker in various genres, but admittedly seems to revel in batshit craziness.

Considering that the film is about a Yakuza boss that is more then he seems, the beginning of the film is surprisingly straightforward, no worries though, Miike still brings the insanity, he just eases you into it... at first anyways. Soon enough there's people with melting brains, a martial artist frog and a knitting club/vampire buffet.

Mad Dog from The Raid even shows up.

For a Yakuza that doesn't have any tattoos because his skin is too sensitive, Hayato Ichihara really comes off like a badass in this. Of course he doesn't start off as a baddass, but if you've seen one action/ fantasy/Yakuza/vampire/martial-arts film, you've seen them all and you'll know where this is headed.

Also very happy that Hypno Toad found work after Futurama.

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