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  • Man of the Year

    Man of the Year


    This could almost use a remake. Its central premise of an entertainer running for president and winning much to everybody's surprise was clever and damn near prescient. Though Williams' character is more of a positive figure, it's similar to the ugly reality America faced over the last four years. But it eventually takes a hard right turn when it turns into a conspiracy thriller about faulty voting machines.

    So instead of a unique censurious take on the two party system, it's a half baked imitation of a 70s conspiracy thriller. They could have gone in any direction and chose one of the strangest, yet most uninspired.

  • Faith Based

    Faith Based


    A lot of potential, but it eventually forgets what it set out to do.

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  • God's Not Dead 2

    God's Not Dead 2


    This made me cry for a good two hours straight, pick up a Bible, get on my knees and ask God (who's definitely real) for forgiveness. I'm no longer a foolish atheist.

    This is not a movie, this is the most important piece of media containing 100% empirical truth about God since The Holy Bible. It outright eclipsed its predecessor in every way.

    While the first one was nothing but a propaganda piece which used strawman arguments in a "philosophy"…

  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight


    After seeing this movie, I felt as if I'd been guzzling down somebody else's murky bathwater for over two hours. It was a very bland movie, full of no real substance, yet acted as if it had some. It had an overblown yet aimless plot. It was nothing but a lot of explosions, incongruous action sequences, stilted dialog filled with tawdry lines which serve to be cherry picked as quotes people can use on their web forum signatures. Instead of…