The Babadook ★★★★½

The Babadook ended up being more than I ever expected. A horror film which doesn't look like it had a "shit smudged all over the lens" filter, doesn't focus on buckets of blood and shocks, and actually gives dimensions to the characters and context of the situation.

What we get is a film which gives a fairly realistic portrayal of a single mother having to deal with a troubled child. In movies such as this, the characters would often be one note, a mother who is stressed for the sake of being stressed and a child who is bad for the sake of being bad. We get way more than that here. Both characters are trying their best to deal with themselves and each other, but cannot, and that's where the Babadook comes in to push things along.

The way the pop-up book and character of Babadook influence the latter half of the film made for something genuinely horrific and disturbing. It plays with many horror tropes, but everything was done in an incredibly original way. The way Gone Girl confirmed my case against marriage, The Babadook plays on my fear of parenthood. Also like Gone Girl, it's best to know as little about the plot going in as possible.

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