Parasite ★★★★★

A tornado is, fundamentally, a force of nature. An unstoppable force that consumes everything in its path and leaves the aftermath in its wake; if one is caught in its path, one can only try to hang onto something and hope to be placed down, bewildered, but for the better, looking on at that force of nature as it leaves you and wonder at its sheer power and majesty.

This is how I felt after walking out of the theatre after finally (!!!) catching a screening of Bong Joon-Ho’s latest film, Parasite. That others are saying that this quite possibly is the best film of 2019 is no small potatoes, to be sure, and after having seen this, I completely agree with them all. Taking such a simple concept as that of deceit and whirling it around in the metaphorical winds of class/social structures and dynamics, Bong Joon-Ho created a maelstrom of cinematic perfection that left me breathless throughout and gave me a sense of giddiness after it was all over in the fact I was able to witness it all unfold. From a technical perspective, this was pitch perfect in every aspect; acting, editing, cinematography, music, story, direction - everything mentioned here and all the intangibles that help make up a film, everything was flawless, but specifically from a pure storytelling perspective, this is where Parasite shines, imbuing almost every scene with a subtle sense of duality in regards to the two families at play here and highlighting the societal and social beats throughout. To go into more detail would practically be a disservice to this film and undercut my wish for those of you who haven’t partaken in this experience yet to go and do so. I can not recommend this enough, and I’m glad I finally caught it.

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