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  • Brouillard #19

    Brouillard #19


    'Ville Marie B mosaique #1' ***7/10***
    'Le vestibule' ***6/10***

  • The Current War

    The Current War


    Director's Cut

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  • The Shining

    The Shining


    4K Blu-ray
    U.S. Cut

    I wonder if the more Kubrick kept cutting away for the international release, the more banalities he saw in King's dialogue and situations. It's my understanding that after he released it in theaters he confronted and told him that it was a hacky novel. The U.S. release seems to be driven by music and soundtrack more than images, dissolves gain different meanings, specially when Scatman's character re-enters the action, Friedkin's unbalance of genre came to mind,…

  • The Realm

    The Realm


    You're supposed to finish the movie and end up hating THE SYSTEM, but instead you end up hating the filmmakers for not knowing how lenses work and prep (there's even a digital zoom at the end lol), the EDM game that carries all the suspense, the cowardice of not using the real nouns of politicians and events, product placement as plot device, and the cherry on top, void all the growth and struggles of the main character BECAUSE POPULIST MESSAGE. You don't get to be preachy while lacking any awareness of filmmaking. Who do you think you are? Howard Hawks?