Danny Patron

Favorite films

  • The Unbelievable Truth
  • Surviving Desire
  • Simple Men
  • Amateur

Recent activity

  • The Last of the Finest


  • Every Woman's Dream

  • The Hit List


  • Extramarital


Recent reviews

  • The Last of the Finest

    The Last of the Finest


    Good cast, lousy movie.

  • Every Woman's Dream

    Every Woman's Dream

    Ron Howard "Arrested Development"-ass narration runs roughshod over the whole thing, which is supposed to be a heartbreaking drama. Just ludicrously lousy.

Popular reviews

  • The Secret Life of Bees

    The Secret Life of Bees


    I kind of wish this movie was less about the pretty white girl's typical 'rediscovering her mom' junk and more about Hudson's discovery and connection to a group of women who embody so many of her own feelings that she could never express before.

    Instead, the dramatic beats seem like less of an awakening than a mishmash. The insertion of contemporary music is jarring, and the overuse of montage covers some moments that would be better left explored. Just kind of unsatisfying overall, though it has a lot of good pieces.

  • Ball of Fire

    Ball of Fire


    Can you imagine not liking this movie? What the fuck.