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  • Andrei Rublev
  • Au Hasard Balthazar
  • Persona
  • Viridiana

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  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


  • The Gospel of Eureka


  • Sound of the Mountain


  • Meltdown: Three Mile Island

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  • Umberto D.

    Umberto D.


    Now back to our regularly scheduled cinematic masterpieces...

    What could easily serve as a scathing indictment of alleged civilized society's treatment of elder folk, Umberto D. further contemplates the humanity of its subject and investigates these essential feelings that come along with our mutual, inevitable senescence. De Sica underscores the painful, self-inflicted identity that many seniors feel in their golden years: that one is a burden. Although ripe for sappy exploitation, Vito flexes real auteur chops with sparse dialogue and…

  • It's Such a Beautiful Day

    It's Such a Beautiful Day


    When I was in abouts in my teenage years, I enjoyed the simple things: a bike ride, a walk around the block, a shit N64 game from blockbuster, a phone call from my best friend and the occasional stick figure music video downloaded from limewire.

    So, funny that these simple stick figure drawings that once enchanted me to pass the time, come back now in my 30's to emotionally devastate me, much to my delight. Although technically not stick figures,…

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  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


    Through the darkness of future past 

    The magician longs to see. 

    One chants out between two worlds 

    Fire walk with me.

    Lynch rightly focuses his fluid cinematic sights, his illusive, poetic writing and his haunting still images on the two halves of idyllic suburbia, and by proxy, the two halves of the human self. Just look at the floor of the lodge! It's a zig zag of Yin Yang! Adjacent contradiction! Jagged paradox!

    What was teased and…

  • The Gospel of Eureka

    The Gospel of Eureka


    Happy 4th Letterboxd.

    I was saving my review of this brilliant documentary, The Gospel of Eureka, for this very day.

    While my online experience would suggest that all members, citizens and inhabitants of the good Ole US of A can be reduced to buzzwords, epithets and statistics, this beautiful little slice of very gay and very evangelical Arkansas life proves the old adage about judging tomes by their slipsleeves, much to the contrary of reductive information mongers.

    Not only is…

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  • Q: Into the Storm

    Q: Into the Storm


    A sobering work of investigative journalism, Q: Into the Storm breathed some hope into my taste for modern documentaries. Although procedurally quite fair to its subjects, the film can feel a bit of a puff-piece to some incorrigible folks; clearly Mr. Cullen trusts his audiences to form their own opinions about the twisted subject-jesters that love to dance in the dark muck of the DMZ between free speech and words of violent incitement.

    Why is the film successful then, in…

  • Manhunter



    Finally, I have reached the Spheres of Heaven after climbing the hills of Tubi Purgatorio...and the grand, silent voice of God came to me in a sleepless night where I was flipping through Shudder and noticed a movie that simply didn't belong on the platform: Manhunter.

    Within 5 minutes of the opening of the film I had fallen in love, and 45 minutes in I decided to start it over with my wife the following morning. Michael Mann creates a…