Sorcerer ★★★★

A film that initially annoyed me with its hour long set up and exposition, Sorcerer grew on me once I realized that the trucks had demonic faces. The 4 men are essentially driving through hell, looking for some absolution, forced to try and undo an act similar to one that placed them all in the purgatory town forgotten by the West.

Compared to The Wages of Fear, Friedkin's characters need more motivation and the visuals have so much more to say, especially about humans that commit acts of violent treachery. However, the original wages of fear gets moving much quicker and really focused on tension. Instead of saying one is superior, I recognize that each is a valuable work worthy of your time.

The real gem waiting for you out there, is the Mr. Plow episode of the Simpsons....or of youre feeling very froggy, the MST3K episode Riding with Death, available on youtube for free.

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