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  • Dark Glasses

    Dark Glasses


    Occhiali Neri feels like Argento entering his late-period-Fulci phase; banging out the greatest hits on cheap cameras, while a cast of mostly terrible actors get sliced and diced with more style than the budget can handle, with tacky keyboards screaming in the background.

    And I'm perfectly OK with that.

    At its heart, this is a decent low-budget Giallo, but with Argento behind the lens, it takes more than a few detours into outright phantasmagoria and horror. It's kind of all…

  • The Menu

    The Menu


    The Menu is a scathing assault on food snobbery and class politics, but for all the applause-worthy anti-capitalist humour, there isn't enough meat on the bone to sustain its near two-hour runtime.

    Movies that are set in a single location always risk pacing issues, but once the central conceit is set up, The Menu runs as smoothly as any high-end restaurant - aided by helpful menu/course title cards in substitution for chapters; a nice touch.

    Once we've met our patrons…

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  • Street Fighter

    Street Fighter


    Lets not fool ourselves here - Street Fighter is a piece of shit.
    But I'll be damned if time isn't being kind to this car crash. Watching it as a straight comedy last night in a packed cinema, it was a hoot.

    Things that are bad about Street Fighter = Everything.

    Things that are amazing in Street Fighter =

    - Raul Julia's straight delivery of a proposterous script.
    - Van Damme's inspirational call to arms.
    - Van Damme calling Bison…

  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan


    Damn, Train to Busan. I don't know what to say.
    It's an emotional rollercoaster, that's for sure. A slow start quickly gives way to an adrenaline packed, emotionally wrenching horror movie. Although to be more accurate, this ain't no ordinary horror movie; it's an action movie, a disaster movie & a family drama all in one.

    Zombies on a train is such a cool idea (Horror Express already proved this) - I mean, where do you escape to?…